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Behind the scenes of Worona 1.0

In anticipation of the launch of Worona 1.0, we decided to get our chief technology officer, Luis Herranz to talk about the technology & what users can expect in the near future.

Please tell us about Worona, what does the company do?

Worona is a mobile technology company that creates apps for WordPress blogs. We are committed to building fast, user-friendly, mobile apps with the data/information already present in your WordPress site.

What is the current technology being used to develop the various WordPress extensions and applications?

Corona SDK 


How have users reacted to the current version?

The response has been mostly positive, particularly because we did not do any marketing in the beginning. A lot of our users were introduced to our software through referrals and word of mouth, from people who had previously used it. The users are also looking forward to the new version, which we are happy about. 

Why was the decision made to develop a new version with a different technology?

WordPress uses HTML, which is not very compatible with Corona SDK; however when we started 2 years ago, it was the best choice for performance and app development. Recently though, there have been challenges with parts of this technology. For example, Corona´s update process does not scale the way we would like, it takes a lot of unnecessary time to make an update or fix a bug. 

Please break down the technology behind Worona 1.0, how will it work?

Right now, it is not as user-friendly as we want, particularly for non-developers. We want to make the process of using our software/services very simple. 


What do users have to look forward to with the upcoming version of Worona?

The creation process will be significantly simpler, whether or not you are a developer. Users will be able to create & configure tabs, add extensions, & change themes in the dashboard, all without any coding or extra work. We will handle all the heavy lifting for you. The changes will be seen in real time and when you are ready to publish, you will get a .zip file for publication in the Apple and Google Play stores.

What challenges have you faced in developing the new version?

There are a lot of moving parts in the web/app development industry & we are constantly working to figure the best way to use these new technologies. Additionally, these new technologies are in their early stages and they are quite complicated to set up. You need to put in a lot of work in order to get the desired result. We want to make it easy to use and set up, even for new developers. Our goal is to automate the entire process and make it so simple that developers do not need to do anything else to get their blogs converted. Despite all these challenges, we definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What stage are you at in the development process?

The dashboard is finished and we have solved the scalability issue. Worona 1.0 will update automatically with any new extension release and version update. We are also working to make it easy for developers to add extensions and plugins in the future, and we are about to start the first version of the app.

When do you expect to release it to the public?

In the near future.

The same basic features will be available. Users will be able to sign-up and start creating their apps in the new dashboard. There will be some new themes, and more will be added periodically, as quickly as possible. 

Do you have any final words?

WordPress was an important innovation for the world wide web. It empowered people and gave them different tools to express themselves and interact with their audience. Our goal is to have the same impact but with mobile apps.  

Join the WordPress mobile revolution!