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Push Notifications & Starter PRO Theme are here!

Since we launched Worona 1.0 last February, we haven’t stopped working on building new key features for your mobile app.

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of the Push Notifications extension and the Starter PRO Theme. We knew that these features were particularly important for you, so here they are! 🙌 We hope you like them.

Push Notifications (OneSignal)

Push notifications are instant text messages that are sent directly to the user’s mobile display screen. Our extension allows you to send an unlimited number of push notifications to unlimited recipients using OneSignal, a free push notification service for websites and mobile applications.

push notifications onesignal

Image Credit: OneSignal

Getting started is very easy – you will just need to activate the extension on Worona dashboard and connect your app to OneSignal’s platform. However, if you feel lost at any time, you can always follow our documentation.

Get this extension at worona.org/push-notifications.

Why push notifications are important?

Push notifications are one of the most essential features for any mobile app and one of the most important communications channels used by apps.

These instant messages are sent with the sole objective to keep users coming back to your app, catching their attention immediately or leaving them reminders.

They increase engagement and improve user retention rates, among other benefits. But be very careful when sending push notifications to your users, do not send too many so they don’t become more like spam. This will only encourage users to turn the feature off or uninstall your app.

Starter PRO Theme

Worona Starter Pro Theme is a new theme that supports WordPress pages and allows you to add a customizable menu.

You can create your mobile app menu by adding and customising all the menu items that you want – including categories, pages, or external links.

starter pro theme

This theme also lets you select the type of content you’d like to display on your app: your WordPress site’s pages, a list of posts, or both.

Configuring a Worona theme is very easy, but here’s our documentation if you want to learn more about how to change your theme settings.

Get the Starter PRO Theme at worona.org/starter-pro-theme.

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